Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Infinity Broadband is an emerging next-gen residential broadband service provider that delivers the most reliable home-based services through cutting-edge Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology at a very affordable price while ensuring the highest quality and international standards that guarantee the best consumer experience. 😊

InfinityBroadband is presently deploying in selected areas of Pakistan. As of now, we are inviting a few ‘exclusive neighborhoods’ to be part of our family. You can sign up through our website and register yourself for the service. Then, you can check if your neighborhood is part of our deployed network.

We have two devices to share with you and both are powered by state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services. However, one device will provide internet functionality only while the other shall have internet, TV and phone services available for your enjoyment.

InfinityBroadband provides you with its own smart GPON modem that powers your internet service. You stay connected despite power outages citywide.

You can email us at info@InfinityBroadband.com.pk or call us at 123-123-123 .

InfinityBroadband infrastructure allows internet signals to be broadcast till your home through its fiber optic structure. With our Fiber to the Home service, you receive consistent speeds that are more reliable than traditional broadband. Other ISP entities use copper to cover the last mile to your home which is a non-reliable medium. InfinityBroadband has deployed fiber optic cables that give you greater data security, reliable connectivity and consistent speeds.

You can log on to your InfinityBroadband portal and reselect your package. You will get a confirmation through an SMS on your registered mobile number and an email on your registered email address, after that you can order any package.

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